School Age

We believe that a School Age program should be holistic, teaching the whole child: spiritual, physical, emotional, social, cognitive, expressive music and art, language and literacy.

School-age children are excited to begin and end their days at Grace Lutheran before and after school. We provide a safe and loving environment for school age children to continue to learn and grow after the school day is over.

Our teachers provide projects and social activities to keep school agers engaged and tap into their God-given talents. Arts and crafts are a positive way for children to wind down after a day of academics. A child may need quiet time, or a calm place for homework.

It is our purpose to connect the school-age child to Jesus.

We provide a Christian community for the child to grow in their spiritual life and to learn that the Bible teaches moral and spiritual truths.

We provide Bible study that is appropriate to this age group and shows the child that Jesus loves them, and answers for life are given to us in His book, “The Bible”. We then help the child take what they have learned and apply it to all areas of life: school, childcare, home and community.

Our teachers are nurturing, experienced and trained in the area of school-age development and age-appropriate activities.


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