• God made the dinosaurs
  • Learning to play together
  • Learning to sequence
  • Exploring God's creations
  • Creative art
  • Painting
  • Matching colors

We believe that a Preschool program should be holistic, teaching the whole child: spiritual, physical, emotional, social, cognitive, expressive music and art, language and literacy.

We also believe that children learn best with hands-on activities and a familiar schedule. Our curriculum, lesson plans and daily schedule reflects this philosophy.

Preschool children are beginning to engage in group play and exert a sense of independence from adults. They are learning to be an integral part of their community.

Our focus in the Preschool Room is socialization. Our teachers provide a safe and loving environment where the children will be given skills and language for social interaction and conflict resolution as they interact with their friends. Communication skills become a primary focus. The teachers will guide them through problem solving as situations arise and give them skills and words for their own independence.

It is our purpose to connect the Preschool child to Jesus. Emphasis is on understanding that God is the Creator of all. Learning Jesus is God’s son and He loves us. Hearing Bible stories and becoming familiar with Bible names and telling the stories to others.

Character traits such as obedience, kindness and helping others are developed each month and Christian values are modeled in our teachers. Children will have chapel weekly and Jesus time daily.

Our teachers are nurturing, experienced and trained in the area of Preschool development and age-appropriate activities.




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